The Nutrients are in the Bag!

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So many of the foods we eat have been processed to the point of no return, no longer containing any nutrients. So that’s why the food industry, “enriches” refined flours and products with vitamins and minerals. Only then they can claim that a product is a good source of nutrients, but “good” is relative. I recently noticed that a leading soda brand has added a pomegranate flavor to its lineup and states boldly on the label that it contains antioxidants! Maybe so, but come on – that’s antioxidant abuse!

Yes, it’s true that carbohydrates are a macronutrient, but getting our carbs from a lot of refined flours is probably not the most healthful choice, as it tends to play havoc on our blood sugar levels, among other things. And really, carbs are not a nutrient that we Americans have any trouble finding! The wiser choice would be to include more (much more, as in primarily) whole-food carbs that are minimally refined and still retain their naturally good nutrients. And that goes for just about anything, not just carbs. We should choose foods that are not processed or minimally processed, guaranteeing a storehouse of nutrients. That’s really how our bodies were intended to thrive.

Sheffa’s products are minimally processed – ground, roasted, seasoned – and by that virtue, are rich sources of nutrients: whole-food carbs and protein, healthy fats, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. We don’t add isolated nutrients, like soy protein or fiber, to boost the nutrient profile. We like to keep it as close to nature as possible for your health and ours!

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