Vegan…Part-Timers Wanted!

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The word “vegan” (pronounced “veegan”) was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society, by combining the first three and last two letters of vegetarian. The vegan lifestyle, a practice of abstaining from the consumption of foods or products derived from animals, is one of the strictest forms of vegetarianism. None of the ingredients found in Sheffa’s products come from animals or the labor of animals. But one doesn’t have to be vegan to enjoy tasty vegan foods! Maybe you’ve heard of the “Meatless Monday” movement, where non-vegetarians are adding one or more vegetarian meals to their weekly menus for health and environmental reasons? How about stepping up the challenge by also adding “Vegan Vednesday”? It works if you say it with a Swedish accent!

To learn more about Meatless Monday, check out their website at

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