Low Sodium Sensibility

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Sodium is essential to our bodies, but not in the amounts typically consumed with the Standard American Diet (SAD). The idea of using salt in cooking is to enhance the flavors of the food – salt is usually not meant to be a flavor in and of itself! Very little salt is needed to brighten the taste of any food, but the food industry often uses excess salt to compensate for low quality ingredients. Additionally, the quality of salt matters. Ordinary table salt doesn’t have all the great trace minerals, 70 or so, which a good quality sea salt will have. Vegetables are also a very important, but often overlooked, source of organic salts and minerals. Sheffa uses small amounts of sea salt (or none), and all of our products are considered low sodium by the FDA (less than 140 mg per serving). We aim to provide great taste and nutrients without creating a salt lick!

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