Kosher O-U-What?

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Kosher, simply put, means that a food is fit or proper as it relates to Jewish dietary laws. These basic laws are of biblical origin, interpreted over thousands of years and applied to contemporary situations. The laws are complex and extensive and include regulation of ingredients, processing and preparation, among other things. For example, only certain animals can be consumed and must be slaughtered in a certain way. Meat is not consumed with dairy, and utensils used in the preparation of both must always be separate.

There is a mistaken notion that natural and organic foods and products are inherently kosher, when in fact, being natural or organic has no bearing on the kosher status.

The average consumer cannot possibly make an evaluation of the kosher status of any prepared or processed food and therefore must rely on endorsement by a kosher agency that strictly supervises the manufacturing process. Sheffa is supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU) and is Pareve (without any meat or dairy ingredients).

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