What are Savory Snacks?

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The word savory is rooted in the meaning of “tasty” or “flavorful”, but lately it’s used to describe “salty or spicy” flavors as opposed to sweet. Essentially, savory can be seen as the opposite of sweet or “sweet-free” when we’re talking about food. Thus, savory snacks are snacks that aren’t sweet.  As for prepared and packaged snack products, we usually think of chips, crackers, popcorn, etc. One online dictionary states that a “savory food snack” is “the FDA’s term for crunchy junk food”. This gives savory snacks a pretty bad rap! A snack is defined as “a small amount of food eaten between meals”, and the truth is that there are a lot of healthy savory snacks on the market. Really, the sky is the limit; just choose real, as-whole-as-possible, nutrient-dense snack foods, like Sheffa, and let your taste buds guide you.

Sheffa Offers Healthy Savory Snacks; Something for Everyone

What comes to mind for you when you think healthy savory snacks? Is it your favorite chip or is it celery sticks with peanut butter? Both pack a good crunch. For most people the words “savory snacks” bring to mind any number of packaged food products. But truth be told, even a salad can be a great savory snack (particularly if you toss it with some Sheffa Salad Sprinkles)! Probably the healthiest of the healthy savory snacks are found in the produce isle or somewhere nearby, but when you need something other than a carrot, Sheffa offers a range of healthy snacks and Salad Sprinkles.

Parent Approved Savory Snacks for Kids

Though there are loads of chips, pretzels, crackers and other snacks out there for kids, finding healthy and tasty options that kids like is not always easy. A lot of prepared foods and savory snacks for kids are highly processed, use subpar oils and are full of artificial flavors and colors. Whether sweet or savory, snacks don’t need to be loaded with sugar or salt to taste good, and healthy treats and savory snacks don’t need to be boring! Sheffa offers snacks and Salad Sprinkles that are full of nutrients and flavor – they are both parent and kid approved!

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