Savory Snacks are the New Sugar Free Snacks

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The phrase “sugar free snacks” is likely to conjure up thoughts of artificially sweetened snacks that taste, well…artificial. You wouldn’t eat them unless you had to. But “sugar free” also means without sugar and therefor not sweet or savory. While nobody is forcing us to seek out sweet snacks, most of us have a sweet-tooth that sometimes screams for attention. Americans are fighting the hard lesson on sugar; excessive sugar intake is making us fat, angry and dead. The market is responding with some decent sugar free snacks made with natural sweeteners like Stevia, but there are no sugar free snacks for kids and probably for a good reason. Consumers are doing their part by taming their taste buds in favor of fresh fruits, more natural low-sugar snacks and snacks that are savory. The new “sugar free” is now savory! And Sheffa offers a great selection of low sugar and savory options, including our Savory Bars.

Sugar Free Snacks for Kids; Keeping it Real

If you look online, you’ll see that there are really no sugar free snacks for kids unless you make them yourself. Sugar free snacks are aimed at adults, even the new ones made with natural sugar alternatives like Stevia. Most parents don’t want to feed their young kids artificial sweeteners and so the market for Sugar free snacks for kids will probably never be strong. That’s OK! There are a lot of savory options out there for kids to enjoy. And if your kid is having a sweet attack, fresh fruit, a baked sweet potato or a low sugar snack made from natural ingredients are all good options.

Sugar Free Snacks for Kids; Go “Sweet Free” Instead

Instead of sugar free snacks for kids, steer your kids towards savory options. Thanks to the Food Network, we have come to know the word “savory” as meaning “salty or spicy rather than sweet”. You can think of “savory” as sweet-free. And though we think of salty and sweet as being opposites, it’s interesting to note that salty and sweet taste buds share the same area of the tongue! Few people, though, would say that salty and sweet are interchangeable when you need a sweet fix, but if you’re thinking sugar free snacks, consider something savory with a hint of natural sweetness instead. If that doesn’t work, grab some fresh fruit. Sheffa makes a range of healthy products, one for every tastebud!

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