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When we say “healthy bars”, we’re not talking about a bar where you can go and get a healthy drink, like a shot of wheat grass or organic vodka (is that healthy anyway?). We’re talking about cereal and snack bars, like the ever-popular granola bar. Healthy bars are loved for good reasons; they’re convenient and usually pretty tasty. You can even have your preference between crunchy or chewy. One drawback, though, is that many healthy snack bars contain sugars – whether from organic cane sugar, brown rice syrup, dried fruits or other “healthy” sources, it’s still sugar when it hits your bloodstream. Snack and nutrition bars can contain up to 23 grams of sugar or more per serving, which might be fine if you’re about to go run a marathon, but most of us lead slightly more sedentary lives. Our Sheffa Savory Bars are “sweet-free” and were created as an alternative to all the sweet bars on the market.Healthy Snack Bars – A New Bar is Born

Healthy snack bars have a new kid on the block – Sheffa Savory Bars, made from wholesome, natural, gluten free ingredients without any sugars or sweeteners! Think of them as a love child between an unsweetened granola bar and a cracker. All the other healthy bars have some form of sugar and the same old formula; Sheffa is the first to offer healthy snack bars that aren’t like all the rest. We’re not foolish enough to think that our Savory Bars will oust all of their sweet predecessors and neighbors, but now there’s a great alternative for when you’re feeling sweet enough on your own!

Healthy Snack Bars Take a Savory Turn for the Better

Who doesn’t love healthy Snack Bars! We make our healthy Savory Bars without any sugar. That’s right, our Savory Bars are “sweet-free” with savory flavors! We were looking for convenient, healthy bars while traveling and wondered why there were no “sweet-free” bars. Our Savory Bars were born out of our passion for something different and the desire to reduce the amount of sugar we eat! They’re made without any dried fruits or sweeteners, contain zero grams of sugar and come in four savory flavor profiles, like spicy and rosemary. Savory Bars are whole-food based, gluten free, vegan Kosher… and crunchy good!

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