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More and more people are adopting a gluten free lifestyle, many out of necessity because of a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, autism or gluten intolerance, and others because they simply feel better. Whatever the circumstances, living gluten free is much easier than it used to be. With increased awareness, more restaurants offer gluten free options, and there is a much greater range of gluten free snacks and food products on the market, including gluten free snacks for kids. For people who like to cook, there are gluten free cookbooks, and the Internet offers great sites and blogs with delicious recipes. Finding wholesome gluten free snacks that are also vegan and kosher might add another layer to the challenge, but this too is an exciting frontier with a lot of activity. Sheffa Foods makes delicious, crunchy snacks and Salad Sprinkles that have a little of everything – gluten free, vegan and kosher.

Gluten Free Snacks for Kids

Most kids are picky eaters. Perhaps a nicer way of putting it is that their palates are growing and developing along with the rest of their bodies. If you have a child with a special diet, then finding foods that fit their requirements is just that much more challenging. Though a gluten free diet is a medical necessity for people with Celiac Disease, its popularity for people who are not suffering form Celiac is transforming the food industry. Gluten free snacks for kids are tastier and more nutritious,and there are simply a lot more gluten free snacks in general. Finding yummy gluten free snacks for kids just got a whole lot easier!

Healthy Gluten Free Snacks – It’s not a Typo

Gluten free snacks and packaged foods have traditionally been made with refined starches and other “stuff”. They may have filled a need, more psychological than physical, but they offered little in the way of nutrients. That has changed a lot in the last several years. There are now many healthy gluten free snacks and packaged foods to choose from, including Sheffa’s gluten free, vegan Snack Mixes, Savory Bars and Salad Sprinkles. Gluten free snacks can now be nutrient dense and tasty. They can satisfy both the psychological and physical need for “good” food. They can be Sheffa!

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