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Sodium is essential to our bodies, but not in the amounts typically consumed with the Standard American Diet (SAD). The idea of using salt in cooking is to enhance the flavors of the food – salt is really not meant to be a flavor in and of itself! Very little salt is needed to brighten the taste of any food, but the food industry often uses excess salt to compensate for low quality ingredients. So, unless you are consciously choosing low sodium snacks and prepared foods, chances are you’re taking in more salt than you might like. Even many canned, packaged and prepared foods labeled as “healthy” are loaded with sodium. So read the labels and look for healthy low sodium snacks and prepared foods. We make a conscious effort to keep the flavor in and the sodium out, so Sheffa’s products all qualify as low sodium snacks, or even better, healthy low sodium snacks!

Defining Healthy Low Sodium Snacks

If you read labels, you probably recognize low sodium snacks and hopefully opt for healthy low sodium snacks. Consider this from the Access to Healthy Foods Coalition: “A healthy food is a plant or animal product that provides essential nutrients and energy to sustain growth, health and life while satiating hunger. Healthy foods are fresh or minimally processed foods, naturally dense in nutrients, that when eaten in moderation and in combination with other foods, sustain growth, repair and maintain vital processes.” We should look to reduce sodium wherever possible and choose healthy low sodium snacks that are whole-food based, like Sheffa!

Getting Technical with Healthy Low Sodium Snacks

The USDA’s definition of “healthy” states that a food must be low in fat and saturated fat, limited in amount of sodium and cholesterol, and provide at least 10 percent of one or more of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein, and fiber. And technically, low sodium is 140 mg per serving or less. We should get the bulk of our sodium from fresh vegetables that contain natural salts, minerals and organic water, but we can also use include some low sodium snacks. Paraphrasing from Michael Polen – just eat food, real food, not too much, mostly plants! Sheffa makes Healthy Low Sodium Snacks and Salad Sprinkles that are also vegan and gluten free.

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