Are your Vegetarian Snacks Healthy?

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While there are a lot of vegetarian snacks and prepared foods on the market, Sheffa Foods offers products that are vegetarian and healthy. That’s right, just because something is vegetarian doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. There are plenty of vegetarian snacks and foods that are processed and/or contain preservatives. Twinkies are a great example because they are vegetarian but loaded with a lot of undesirable ingredients. According to PETA, Wonder Bread is actually vegan, but highly processed. We wouldn’t consider either of these products to be healthy vegetarian snacks. Heck, we don’t even consider them to be foods! Healthy vegetarian snacking starts with fresh vegetables and fruits, and includes a moderate amount of packaged snacks that are both whole-food based and nutrient dense. Sheffa’s Sweet, Tasty, Zesty and Spicy Snack Mixes, are also a great way to keep on snackin’ happy and healthy!

Are your Vegetarian Snacks Healthy?

There’s nothing too complicated about making healthy vegetarian snacks – it’s probably a lot easier than making a Twinkie and you don’t need a science degree! But making snacks both tasty and nutritious, while not rocket science, is a more subtle art. Sheffa makes vegetarian snacks and Salad Sprinkles that are full of flavor and nutrients. Sheffa’s products are also gluten free, vegan and kosher, among other things. So you don’t have to choose; you can have healthy vegetarian snacks that taste good too. You can have it all, and that’s Sheffa!

Healthy Vegetarian Snacks vs. Vegetarian Snacks

There are healthy vegetarian snacks and there are just plain old vegetarian snacks. So, what’s the difference? Like a lot of things, it’s about balance. When looking at our snack choices and our diets, we should ask ourselves if there is a good balance of macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fats. While experts might disagree on the optimum ratio, there should be some balance between them. We should also consider quality; choosing packaged snacks that are made from high quality whole-food ingredients that are minimally processed is a great way to help ensure that we are supplementing our diets with good snacks instead of sabotaging them. So ditch ordinary and check out Sheffa’s line of healthy Snack Mixes and Savory Bars!

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