America Loves “Salty Snacks”!

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The packaged food industry has a “salty snacks” category, and sales in this diverse classification have experienced steady increased growth with potato chips, tortilla chips, and snack nuts and seeds leading the way. This category might seem strange given the growing awareness around the amount of sodium we consume, and if we look at the nutrient tables of some of these salty snacks, you might think the food industry has us confused with horses that need “salt licks”. According to Mintel International, though, 51% of all people who snack and 95% of those who snack frequently desire low/no sodium. High quality ingredients and whole grains are also important. Manufacturers are taking note, dialing back the sodium and creating more healthy salty snacks to meet consumer demand. Sheffa’s products are always low sodium, even our “salty snacks”!

Healthy Salty Snacks –Contradiction in Terms?

More of us are reading labels and paying attention to the amount of salt we eat, particularly when it comes to packaged and prepared foods and snacks. More Healthy salty snacks that are both lower in sodium and contain better-for-you ingredients are popping up. The description “salty snacks” really means “not sweet” or “savory”, and has little to do with the sodium content. So, when you’re craving savory, choose healthy salty snacks that have less than 140 mg of sodium per serving, like Sheffa, and stick to the serving size. We’re just saying, though you may want to eat the whole bag of Sheffa, don’t!

When it Comes to Healthy Salty Snacks, Go with Your…Lips!

Do you look at the salt content of the foods that you purchase, and do you ever wonder if the salt listed on the Nutrition Information table is accurate? Have you ever launched into a bag of lower-sodium chips and found your lips drying up like the Sahara Desert a few chips in? As a maker of healthy salty snacks, we know that not all healthy food products are created equal. Some savory or salty snacks that claim to be healthy and lower in sodium seem, well…salty! If something tastes too salty, it probably is. All of Sheffa’s products are what they say they are – low sodium by USDA standards and ours!

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