A New Twist on Gluten Free Bars

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There are a lot of bars on the market – protein bars, breakfast bars, meal replacement bars, snack bars, gluten free bars – if you name it, it probably exists. There’s even a bar made from buffalo meat, cranberries and spices! While that’s not our box of bars, so to speak, it’s creative! Even if you need gluten free bars, many bars on the market are made with naturally gluten free ingredients, so it’s not as challenging as one might think. Sheffa Foods makes gluten free snack bars that are also vegan, nut free, corn free and soy free. In fact, they’re also “sweet-free”! We make our bars in four crunchy, savory flavor profiles – Rosemary, Spicy, Everything and Sesame – without any added sweeteners. When it comes to snack bars, we’ve been thinking out of the box!

Gluten Free Snack Bars Go Savory

Everything we make at Sheffa Foods is tasty, of course, but also gluten free, vegan and kosher at the very core. When it came to creating gluten free snack bars, we decided to ramp it up a notch and make them without any dried fruits, sugars or sweeteners. Our gluten free bars are the first ever to go “sweet-free”, meaning without any sweet taste or sweet anything. Our Everything Savory Bar, for example, mimics the classic NY bagel flavor with toasted garlic, onion, poppy and sesame seeds. Next time you’re reaching for gluten free snack bars, you might have to reach a little higher because we’ve just raised the bar!

Gluten Free Snack Bars

Are you tired of the same old gluten free snack bars? Gluten free bars come in a variety of flavors and with different quality ingredients, but they’re all sweet and kind of use the same formula. If you’re in the mood for a change and would like to ditch the sugar, check out our line of Savory Bars. They’re not only gluten free, they’re also not sweet at all. While we can’t promise that they’ll tame your sweet tooth, they will help you keep your blood sugar on a more even keel.

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